Parish Council – Mission & Vision Statements

Vision statement

To witness to the Gospel, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to the eternal love of Christ; by building and sustaining an open, welcoming and friendly community in which people grow in their relationships with God, each other and the wider community.

Mission statement

The mission of St Columba’s Parish Pastoral Council is to:

  • welcome and embrace new parishioners;
  • support and direct the work of the Parish Priest, Pastoral Associate, and parish groups;
  • support and encourage the people of St Columba’s parish;
  • provide vision and direction to the people of St Columba’s parish;
  • collaborate with the parish school;
  • give members of our parish community a voice; and
  • empower people to lead and make positive contributions to our parish and the wider community.

 To achieve this, we:

  • see;
  • judge;
  • act; and
  • review.

We, as a group, are fundamentally committed to:

  • prayer and reflection;
  • our shared Catholic faith;
  • bringing Christ’s love and grace to Leichhardt and the broader community;
  • acting co-operatively as a group based on participation and consensus, not factions or parties; and
  • facilitating the spiritual growth of all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.